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R.I.P. the actual meaning of the word “aesthetics” 

the way this website uses “aesthetics” is 100% in line with the dictionary definition, what’s the weather like up there on your high horse

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jerioxy asked
Since they have different afterlives, is killing a human, an elf or a dwarf considered a different crime?


Not that Tolkien ever mentioned. But I can just imagine the murder trials:

"Your Honor, my client didn’t kill Joe Mortal of Gondor, he simply delivered Iluvatar’s Gift of Men to him without warning!"


"Suzy Elf of Rivendell, you are hereby sentenced to imprisonment in the Valinor Detention Center until your victim returns from the Halls of Mandos."

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photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US (October 2013)

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  • fandom please I implore you all to talk about Dean Thomas more
  • literally yelling for a red card during a Quidditch match
  • painting a potter for president banner for his friend HOW CUTE
  • offering to forge a signature so that same friend could go to the village with the rest of them
  • actually he paints banners supporting Harry on two separate occasions four years apart 
  • is it weirder that he keeps doing that or that Harry keeps getting himself into situations where he requires banners
  • good with a quill be still my beating heart the boy is an artist
  • literally not giving a single fuck that their teacher was a “dangerous half-breed” because he respected the hell out of him as a person and educator
  • and he grew up as a muggle so he had already been exposed to werewolf folklore and he had every excuse to be afraid or prejudiced and instead decided to judge him on a human level, even without the familiarity the trio etc. had to him
  • standing up for that same teacher time and time again
  • including to a ministry official who he just generally gave the sass to anyway
  • never losing his faith in Harry even when his very best friend in the whole world and approximately 89% of the wizarding community basically thought the bloke was a nutjob
  • convincing his best mate to join DA 
  • there was a fair bit of an anti-dean sentiment in HBP best to ignore that then
  • never having any animosity towards his friend for getting together with his ex-girlfriend so soon
  • completely supporting and defending Harry while on the run because OBVIOUSLY why stop now after seven years of doing literally that at every single opportunity
  • being completely bemused by but always kind towards Luna
  • helping to dig the grave on the beach
  • running out into the final battle without a fucking wand 
  • evidently winning one at some point
  • everything to do with him and Seamus however you want to view their relationship but frankly I could do a whole other post on that
  • also I met Alfie once and he was so pretty
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If you won’t tell him about your new client, what makes you think he’s going to talk about his sex life with you Johnny?

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Karen Gillan - UK Premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy July 24th 2014


Karen Gillan - UK Premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy July 24th 2014

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